UAE has many islands scattered off the coast of Abu Dhabi extended from Ras Ghomies to the borders of Qatar, Many of these islands are inhabited including the island Gaga, It was necessary to link the island with vital Point to Future enhancements development of both economic and tourism, a new bridge approximately 520 m long was constructed between Ras Ghomies and Gaga island. In the first quarter of 2011 new bridge has established consist of 13 spans, each with 8 numbers of I-Girders spanning at 40 meters with 2 tendons of 27 strands, IGS has completed all post-tensing work it included supply Dywidag post-tension materials and equipments, installation of PT profiles, stressing and grouting of tendon.
Bridge owned by the government of Abu Dhabi divided into two sections, marines’ works with Ghantoot Transport Contracting. And the precast works with Towers Technology Contracting both of them under DIWI-Consultants.